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Yet another weird SF fan

Saturday, February 29, 2020

It's Been an Eventful Month

We see something that caused lots of trouble in the later stages of World War I—but was thought to have been defeated—spreading from human to human. In addition to the bizarre revival of Marxism, there's also the coronavirus crisis.

I must admit that the Never-Trump Republicans may have been responsible for the Sanders candidacy:
Never-Trump Republicans: “We will vote for anyone rather than Trump!”
Democrats: “Anyone?”
Never-Trump Republicans: “Anyone!”
Democrats: “Woo hoo! We can nominate a Commie!”
Never-Trump Republicans: “That's not what we meant…”

A President Sanders will fight the coronavirus by calling people on the verge of creating a vaccine “blood-sucking parasites.” He will next put price controls on face masks and have a public listing of the names and addresses of “hoarders.”

Meanwhile, the Other Ignorant Army claims that the shutdown of much of Chinese manufacturing is an argument against importing foreign goods. On the contrary, it is an argument against getting goods from just one area whether or not it crosses an ocean. This looks like the right-wing version of “global warming proves that we MUST do everything I already was in favor of!”

On the other hand, even I'm willing to admit that maybe we should not yet have a Constitutional Amendment banning immigration restrictions. Of course, if we're ever able to create vaccines in the proverbial jiffy, we can pass such an amendment safely.

Speculation: The coronavirus was an engineered plague designed for the purpose of shutting down protest demonstrations. (The news out of China now is completely different from the news of a few months ago.) Alternative possibility: It came from an unsanitized telephone.

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