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Yet another weird SF fan

Sunday, February 28, 2016

When the Tide Goes Out …

… you find out who's not wearing pants.

When a fascist demagogue comes along, you find out who's an authoritarian.

Meanwhile, if Trump is the Republican nominee, I plan to vote for Gary Johnson.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

I Say It's Marxism and to H*ll with It

I recently tweeted the following comparison between leftists and Trump supporters:

The leftist response to logical arguments: “That's racist.”

The Trumpeter response to logical arguments: “That's classist.”

I then realized that, before leftists were concerned about sexism, before they had ever claimed there was a connection between racism and capitalism, they claimed that pro-capitalist arguments were simply the ideological superstructure produced by the bourgeoise and were not necessarily true for other classes. We see the same premises in what passes for arguments by Trump supporters.

In other words… I say it's Marxism and to H*ll with it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Analyzing Trump Support

On one hand, we hear that the “elites” are united against Trump.

On the other hand, we hear that Trump is appealing to a broad section of the electorate, including some elite groups.

On the gripping hand, we hear that the elites are credentialed instead of smart.

If we put these together…

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Parmesan Crisis

If powdered Parmesan cheeseis adulterated, then everybody in the US must be able to prepare their own. In other words…
Make America grate again!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Brief Note on the South Carolina Results


Every since I went online (22 years ago), I've been explaining to leftists that conservatives aren't like that.

Do I have to apologize now?

A question for Trump supporters

On one hand, they say the most important issue is preventing the US from becoming “a Third World cesspool.” On the other hand, they oppose Cruz because of his support for increasing the number of H1B visas. Question: Why would immigration of skilled workers (e.g., H1B visa people) turn the country into a Third World cesspool?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What Would the Brutally-Honest Personality Test Say about the People Running for President?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Back in 2005 …

… I defended the right of Democrats to interfere in judicial nominations.

I thought I'd mention that now, for some reason.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Supreme Court Speculations

What happens if Obama appoints a Justice by a recess appointment and there's a legal challenge and the Supreme Court gives a 4-4 decision…

If Obama appoints a Justice by a recess appointment, would that increase turnout by resentful Republicans who assume he cheated?

If the Republicans delay appointing a new Justice until after a new President is inaugurated, would that increase turnout by resentful Democrats who assume they cheated?

What if Obama tries wearing out opposition with a series of nominations? He might first try an obvious ideologue who will be voted down, followed by a candidate with some hidden baggage to be voted down by a smaller margin, followed by the person he really wants. In short, what if he tries my tactic?

Friday, February 12, 2016

Same Nonsense in Multiple Places

After comparing anti-immigration rhetoric from the far right, anti-gentrification rhetoric from the far left, anti-development rhetoric from the far center, and anti-colonialist rhetoric from Third World politicians (far away?), I figure that it's an inborn human tendency to attribute all bad things to foreign newcomers (they're coming and and raising/lowering property values and both overcharging and underselling!) and treat tolerance of them as some kind on unjustified favor to them.

Can I submit a bug report?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Brief Note on the New Hampshire Results

There's a simple explanation for the results. The right-wing of the Democrats left the party and joined the Republicans, causing both parties to become more leftist. (In case, you were wondering, I think of immigration restrictions as a left-wing idea.)

This also explains why the turnout was up on the Republican side and down on the Democratic side.

Friday, February 05, 2016

H1B Visas and Nuclear Energy

We see a similar pattern in online debates about H1B visas and nuclear energy. A laissez-faire policy is rejected for reasons that many people find plausible. An alternative policy is proposed that includes a small amount of government involvement. This policy is backed by many people who usually support laissez-faire policies. The opponents of the alternative policy then criticize the supporters for being hypocrites and complain that we cannot trust the government. That may sound reasonable except they continue to reject the laissez-faire policy and advocate a policy with far more government involvement. Let's put this in tabular form:
Laissez-faire policyOpen bordersCoal and natural gas
Policy with minimal governmentH1B visasNuclear energy
Specific complaintIt's indentured servitudeIt requires loan guarantees
Policy with more governmentClosed bordersAlternative energy mandates

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

It's Groundhog Day

If the groundhog sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter.

If the groundhog doesn't sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter.

It's almost like elections.

Monday, February 01, 2016

How Would President Trump Deal with the Devil?

The latest episode of UNSoNG includes the following: “I remember seeing a video … of the President's summit with the Devil.” I then wondered what possible future President Trump (I'm not counting him out yet) might say about such a deal:

I was talking to Satan the other day… Great guy but a complete loser. He had the cushiest job in Heaven but talked back to God and BAM! got evicted.

So I went to Hell. People keep telling me to go there. Complete dump. Most of it too hot and the rest waaay to too cold. I made an offer to Satan. Make me President and I'll open a really classy casino with better ventilation and also a Cadillac dealership. The Niven–Pournelle guidebook says Cadillacs belong in Hell. I'll even make God pay for it. Satan was so grateful, he promised to invent three more deadly sins in my honor!

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