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Yet another weird SF fan

Friday, June 03, 2011

Leftists in Full Cliche Mode

Last month leftists in full cliche mode were actually right about something. It must have been a blue moon.

This month the moon is back to gray. Sarah Palin apparently mentioned that one of the reasons for the American Revolution was George III's attempts at gun control. For some reason the reaction was “we've got her this time.

Advice for leftists: When attacking somebody for an allegedly-ignorant statement, please first check to see if the statement is actually ignorant. For example, one of the arguments for gun control has been that the Second Amendment was a reaction to George III's attempts at gun control and is now obsolete.

As I've said before:

Much of the reaction is an example of a common phenomenon: ignore a commonplace right-wing idea for decades and then, when forced to acknowledge it, treat it as though it were the product of an isolated nut. This not only applies to the claim that liberals could be fascists (as described by Nobel prize winner Friedrich von Hayek) but also the evidence showing that “primitive peoples” did not preserve their environment intact, the fact that Hannukah is a celebration of armed resistance, and even the fact that the roundness of the Earth was well known in the Middle Ages.

Addendum: Okay, now that I actually watched the video in question, I can see that they had some cause to criticize. She sounded like she was about to trip over her own tongue. (The phrase “could not be understood for comment” comes to mind.) Many of my fellow wingnuts regard Sarah Palin as the second coming of Ronald Reagan but she doesn't even come close to Reagan's rhetorical skills.

Addendum II: Legal Insurrection and The Cranky Professor have more details.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reagan was a trained actor. That has some advantages.

It's paradoxical, but sounding sincere when you are sincere is sometimes harder than sounding sincere when you aren't.

12:23 PM  

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