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Yet another weird SF fan

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are Alinsky-Style Tactics That Effective?

For several decades prior to its adoption of Alinsky-style tactics in the 1960s, the left side of politics in the United States had gone from strength to strength. The only exception was when it took a temporary breather during the Eisenhower administration (when confiscatory income taxes and labor union membership were at their highest levels). Since then it has stalled. The anticipated next logical step of the 1970s, the Equal-Rights Amendment, never happened. The previously disorganized right was able to elect Reagan and was even able to roll back some left-wing victories during the Clinton administration.

I suspect one reason for the halt is that the “mushy middle” was annoyed enough at radical tactics that they abandoned their previous attitude of “grab from the rich.” If we get them annoyed they might go back.

In other words, maybe we shouldn't be using “Rules for Radicals.”


Anonymous Trimegistus said...

That's a very interesting thought. Republicans this past year have been obsessing about Alinsky tactics because of Obama's success -- but that can probably be credited to general weariness with Bush, an opportune economic crisis, and a mind-boggling degree of media bias.

If Alinsky was such a political genius, how come he spent his life as a two-bit "community organizer?"

1:50 PM  

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