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Yet another weird SF fan

Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's Starting …

A few months ago, I predicted:

After considering the recent deemphasis of abortion rights by the left, the insistence that “true conservatives” must be pro-choice, the existence of a few conservatives who are pro-choice, and the leftist campaign to shove any memory of left-wing fascism down the memory hole … we must be prepared to see the left try to grab credit for the pro-life movement. It's no more preposterous than blaming early 20th-century eugenics on conservatives.
More recently, Patrick Deneen, an apparently deep-Green blogger, wrote:
Lest "conservatives" think this philosophy can be limited to the realm of the earth's exploitation (the one area in which it appears acceptable to celebrate the dominion of the human will), we need only look around and see dominion of the will extends necessarily throughout the culture. Embryos, biotechnical "enhancement," abortion on demand, a pornographic popular culture - more evidence that because we can, we will. We do not govern our technology; our appetites govern us, and ultimately our employment of that technology. Our so-called conservatives had best wake up to this fact. Or at least stop calling themselves conservative.
Yep. They're trying to blame abortion on capitalism and, in the context of the post, tie it to “technical fixes” for fossil-fuel problems.

But wait, there's more. In another post, he wrote:

The tired Left-Right consensus - one essentially designed to obscure that there is no real disagreement about whether a growth economy premised on an itinerant and rootless workforce is desirable - is going to collapse and something else will take its place. The great fear is that a new consensus will form that someone is to blame, and we have plenty of weapons to get what we want, or at least to distract us from our penury. The great possibility is that we will realize that a future of less driving, stable neighborhoods, greater localism, the reinvigoration of diverse local cultures isn't as bad as our kneejerk panic about impending change would lead us to believe. Surely this is something a "conservative" would not object to?
In other words, the alleged problems of peak oil or global warming are merely an excuse to impose the style of society he wants.

By the way, if we have “diverse local cultures,” and those diverse local cultures each decide to send alleged foreigners back where they came from, what happens to cross breeds? Is he willing to say “Divide the living child in two…”?


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