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Yet another weird SF fan

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cool == Pointless?

According to Thomas Frank (The Wall Street Journal's way of reminding plutocrats that leftists have no good arguments):

Yes, this culture is elitist. Just walk down the aisles of your local, union-free organic grocery, unutterably cool but way beyond your price range.
Beyond the price range of readers of The Wall Street Journal? Does he think that they're either Kansas hicks or think-tank interns? Is he trying to lead a revolution of hayseeds and wonks by promising that if they overthrow corporate power they too will be able to shop at Whole Foods?
Or stroll through the most upscale shopping district of your city, where you might notice the fake-shattered windows favored by one national retailer, evidently trying for that '60s look while not losing any stock to actual looters.
There is a difference between the “organic” people and the trendy artists. The organic people pass regulations that mean everybody has to live in the “no nukes, no ANWR drilling” society. The trendy artists might get a trivial grant or two but most of their money (the fortunes of fervently left-wing businesses, for example) comes from other trendy people. It's similar to baseball player salaries, which come from other sports-minded people.

In other words (to paraphrase Will Rogers), the trendy artists are 100% funny and the organic people are 100% sad.


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