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Yet another weird SF fan

Monday, September 17, 2007

I Want That Job!

At The Democratic Daily, they apparently believe that the only people defending nuclear energy MUST be corporate shills:

Propaganda invariably reveals its purposes by its very practice. I have noticed a low-key PR campaign that’s been going on for the past few months, to sell the nuclear industry to a new generation of voters too young to remember Three Mile Island or Chernobyl.
How do you get a job as a corporate shill? How can arrange for a charge what I now give for free?

In any case, I thought the target audience for nuclear propaganda are people who read The How & Why Wonder Book of Atomic Energy while young. This is the same audience who gave solid majorities to pro-nuclear candidates (I first heard of John Anderson as a defender of nukes) in the 1980 election in some of the bluest states. You know … people who actually calculated stuff like how much radiation was really being emitted at Three-Mile Island. (We do not exist in their universe. In Leftworld, anybody pro-nuclear is either ignorant or a corporate shill.)

I suspect they got the following backwards:

Which makes the demographic undeniable. It’s aimed at people who have been conditioned to hate Jane Fonda. And, her moonbat, silly, smelly hippie antinuke minions.
The object isn't to make wingnuts pro-nuke. We're already pro-nuke. The object is to take pro-nuclear people (and those who are taking another look at it as a result of possible fuel shortages or global warming) and make them right-wing or at least middle of the road.

The next step is to try to drive a wedge into the “reality-based” community. Can we split people who actually know something away from the reflexive leftists? Can we at least make it impossible to claim “reality has a liberal; bias” with a straight face?


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