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Yet another weird SF fan

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Equality Matching and Immigration

As long as I'm discussing Alan Fiske's theories, I should apply them to more controversies. For example, the libertarian view of immigration law is that it should be based on market pricing, the liberal view is that it should be based on communal sharing, and most conservatives think of immigration as something based on equality matching. To make matters more confused, much of the open-border side thinks the immigration-control side is based on authority ranking and the immigration-control side thinks the open-border side is based on communal sharing. Sometimes the immigration-control side even tries attributing authority ranking to the open-border side (while comparing importing voluntary immigrants to importing slaves).

I also think equality matching is unsuitable for organizing anything more complicated than a parking lot.


Anonymous Dave said...

I think a lot of immigration-control conservatives subscribe to something like a libertarian position, that takes into acount that the market has been screwed up by government policies. If we need to be able to pay people less than minimum wage, then that is not really a very good argument for opening the borders for example, but for making a rather more obvious change in policy (lowering or abolishing minimum wage).

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

That first comma probably should have been a "however".

8:18 PM  
Anonymous TJIC said...

(while comparing importing voluntary immigrants to importing slaves).

I always hate it when anti-immigration folks compare smugglers to slavers with the phrase "trafficking in humans".

"Trafficking in humans" ?!?!?

Like, the same way that I pay United or Delta to "traffick this human" on vacation, and then back again, for work?


1:30 PM  

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