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Yet another weird SF fan

Saturday, August 19, 2006

This Must Be from a Mole

According to an article in the American Family Association Journal, a large percentage of college freshmen who were “born-again” Christians were no longer such upon graduation. This is sufficiently close to the opinions of self-congratulatory atheists that I suspect the article in question was written by an atheist mole.

I won't do more than mention that the article in question did not mention sample sizes (the large swings between the two sets of surveys might be due to random fluctuations in small samples), or the lack of either type of control (they did not mention what happened to “born-again” Christians who didn't attend college or what happened to the previously-unsaved in college). There was a study that had neither flaw that found that students left college with opinions similar the ones they started with.

To the extent there is liberal brainwashing, I suspect it occurs in dormrooms, not classrooms. Judging by Yale University's reaction to Orthodox Jewish students who wanted to live off campus, the “campus lifestyle” is regarded as more important than any verifiable learning. Many college students graduate with a tremendous load of misinformation (for example, that plutonium is the most poisonous substance on Earth) and I doubt if that was taught in the classroom.

Has there been any study comparing the opinion changes during college of students attending commuter schools vs. residential schools?


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