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Yet another weird SF fan

Sunday, June 11, 2006

What Happened to …

Trolling in Shallow Water?


Blogger Kent said...

I tore it down, for a number of reasons:

My articles were getting progressively more anemic. I think I was getting tired, and posting a lot of pap, at least compared with my better articles from early on. Part of it may also have been that it was increasingly difficult to persuade myself to take the time to write my best for a readership of less than fifty.

Google (sponsor of has become increasingly evil.

I find that I am becoming less and less interested in reading anyone's blog, let alone my own. I am beginning to seriously wonder whether blogging will soon go the way of pet rocks and Usenet.

It is telling that none of the blogs I retain much interest in are highly ranked in the TTLB ecosystem. Except possibly OTB. Bainbridge, Hewitt, Captain Ed -- they're all beginning to get on my nerves.

And, last but not least, a nasty exchange at a bulletin board suggested to me that, unless I have something really important to say, perhaps it's better not to have personal identifying information splattered all over the Internet, especially in connection with the posting of lame political opinions that look like a big target to some people.

I archived everything before hitting the "nuke" button. After all, my grandkids may be desperate for G-rated entertainment someday.

What I find striking is how quickly someone grabbed my username. And the fact that the new tenant is a math nerd. What are the odds that he has been reading for awhile and thought he had cleverly grabbed a preexisting audience? (He's going to be disappointed.)

5:59 PM  

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