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Yet another weird SF fan

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Just like last year, I had chicken … a little more grown up this time.

In related news …

Samantha Burns has organized People for the Ethical Rights of Vegetables.

In even more tenuously-related news …

Samantha Burns has also reported that there's a vehicle that can be driven by fish:

The vehicle conveys a fish-pilot, or Terranaut, in an aqueous vessel that is propelled by two drive wheels, each driven by its own highly efficient servomotor. The vehicle's power is stored in a bank of electrical cells that delivers energy to the motors at 36 volts.

The Terranaut swims safely in an aqueous vessel called the “cockpit,” steering the vehicle with its movements. A camera above the cockpit tracks the movement of the Terranaut within the vessel. the Terranaut's location is then wirelessly transmitted to a remote processing station, where the data is converted into motion commands and transmitted back to the motion controller on the vehicle.

A similar device was mentioned in The Inventions of Daedalus: A Compendium of Plausible Schemes by David E. H. Jones:
Daedalus criticizes current attempts to communicate with dolphins, pointing out its impossibility without common subject-matter. He therefore intends to introduce the creatures to the dry world by a form of inverted aqualung. This is a framework to support the dolphin, suspended from a small autobalasted balloon and fitted with recirculating skin-dampening pump and water-filled goggles (to correct refraction problems). Just as the human swimmer wears flippers, so the dolphin will locate its fins in large air-vanes giving it traction through the less-viscous air. …


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