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Yet another weird SF fan

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Evidence that the Transit Union Knows It's Bluffing

The union leader says pensions are the sticking point:

"Were it not for the pension piece, we would not be out on strike,'' Toussaint said in an interview with NY1. "All it needs to do is take its pension proposal off the table.''
They're anticipating the day when the only transit workers are retired.

By the way, Russia and India have elaborate train networks. New York, by some coincidence, has many Russian and Indian immigrants. The odds are that some of them have mass-transit experience. They can't still find anybody to run the trains?

Addendum: There are plenty of potential scabs available:

The Citizens Budget Commission, a business-funded think tank, released a recent analysis suggesting that transit workers are too well paid and that the MTA should take a strike to restore fiscal order. The commission's analysts noted that many thousands of New Yorkers probably would accept less pay in exchange for transit jobs; 30 people now apply for every train operator's job.


Blogger chsw10605 said...


The TWU workers are starting at salaries that make college graduates envious. If they started their jobs at 21 years of age, they will have maxed out their pensions by the time they are 46, plenty of time to earn a second pension from another job. They may start collecting their pensions at 55. Their COMBINED health insurance and pension contributions are 2% of their salaries. The TWU workers have a great deal compared to most New Yorkers. Their contract is an excellent reason for NY to pass right-to-work legislation stripping away the union's right to a closed shop.

3:50 PM  
Blogger chsw10605 said...

Update - the TWU is back at work. This was agreed to minutes before Roger Toussaint's jail hearing (under NY's Taylor Law, senior union officers are subject to imprisonment in case of strikes).

3:52 PM  

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