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Yet another weird SF fan

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Berlin Airlift?

The following meme has been underused by the left (only 33 posts on it according to technorati and only 32 threads on usenet):

It took ONE day for there to be a Berlin Airlift. Five days laters peple are still starving to death in New Orelans
Apparently, most leftists are unwilling to use a real historical analogy even when it's superficially plausible.

Of course, back in the real world, the Berlin Airlift started out as the Berlin Trickle:

General LeMay put his logistics staff to work to figure out what it would take to build an air bridge to the city with the aircraft available in the theater. Logistics experts quickly calculated that it would require 2,000 tons of coal and 1,439 tons of food per day to meet the minimum basic needs of the 2 million inhabitants. The normal total tonnage requirement for the city was 13,500 tons daily. But even 3,439 tons flown in each day with the few available C-47s appeared an impossible task.


Within four days, a C-47 was landing at Tempelhof every eight minutes to discharge 2 1/2 tons of cargo--well over 150 planeloads a day. The supplies were immediately trucked to warehouses strategically located throughout the western sectors of the city. However, this was only about one-thirtieth of the food, fuel and medicines that would be required.

Come to think of it, the occupation forces were the government of Germany, so this was carried out by the local government.


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