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Yet another weird SF fan

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Recruiting More Warmongers

According to a recent study by somebody with too much free time at Cornell:

ITHACA, N.Y. -- Threaten a man's masculinity and he will assume more macho attitudes, according to a study by a Cornell University researcher.

"I found that if you made men more insecure about their masculinity, they displayed more homophobic attitudes, tended to support the Iraq War more and would be more willing to purchase an SUV over another type of vehicle," said Robb Willer, a sociology doctoral candidate at Cornell. Willer is presenting his findings Aug. 15 at the American Sociological Association's 100th annual meeting in Philadelphia.

In other words, I should try to threaten masculinity. How to do it …

Ah! I know. I'll put Zoe Brain (formerly known as Alan Brain) back on my permalinks. (That also requires changing the criterion from “Weblogs that aren't on the blogrolls of the Four Horsemen” to “Interesting weblogs.”)

I'd buy an SUV if I weren't waiting for the nuclear-powered version.

Addendum: Hmmmm… a Culture of Emasculation… That's what we need!


Blogger Kent said...

I find it unremarkable that a sociologist at an Ivy League university would discover behavior patterns that precisely match the preconceptions of the Left.

What is remarkable is that anyone takes it seriously.

10:20 AM  
Blogger Zoe Brain said...

The things some people will do just to get on your Blogroll....

Anyway, regarding the overthrow of dangerous tyrants, it's not about masculinity, it's about basic humanity.

Too many Leftist Fashionistas have already lost theirs. But there are those such as Norm Geras, Hak Mao and others, who not so much despite being Marxists as because they are Marxists, are against Fascism. The True Believers with whom we disagree on methods, but not on goals.

Imagine the Right if slithering wastes-of-oxygen like David Duke and the Westboro Baptist Church were in the majority? How would the rest of us feel? That's the situation the Left is in now. Intellectually and morally bankrupt.

One good thing - it's shown which of those on the Left actually believe in the ideals they espouse, and which have lost their honour - if they ever had any.

7:22 AM  

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