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Yet another weird SF fan

Sunday, February 13, 2005

The “Nobody Agrees with You” Argument

One of the commonest arguments on the left in the 1970s was the “nobody agrees with you” argument. (Nobody agrees with you, conservatives are obsolete, even Nixon had liberal policies, etc.) This was proved to be spectacularly wrong in the 1980 election (as I recently remarked). It's recently surfaced in a non-political context.

Publish America (see background here) recently sent the following letter (seen via Making Light) to a writer who dared complain:

Ms. Paris,
How does it make you feel to always be on the wrong side of an argument, to
always side with the wrong people, to always find something to whine about?
Can you sleep at night knowing that once again you made the wrong choices,
picked the wrong allies, championed the wrong case?
You have been harassing this company now for a long, long time, and you
must stop this as of today. You are wasting everybody's time, most of all
your own.
You side with an extremely small minority of extremists, who are the only
ones in the whole wide world who agree with you. Everybody else praises
PublishAmerica for who we are and what we do, for our openness and our
old-school professionalism. Your clique went to the media in hopes of doing
damage to what is now recognized nationwide to be the country's fastest
growing publishing company, yet instead you have achieved the opposite.
We are receiving messages and phone calls from all over the country from
people who have read the Associated Press article about us in their local
newspaper, wishing us well, offering their books for publication, offering
their business services, or in the case of the Baltimore City Police,
calling to simply congratulate us on behalf of their entire corps after
reading about our successes in the Baltimore Sun, (circulation similar to
the Washington Post's) and to thank us for our contribution to society.
And you are "absolutely sickened"? If so, then there must be something else
that's ailing you, because it cannot be us. And we know of eleven thousand
happy PublishAmerica authors who would readily agree with us.

Thank you,
Author Support Team


Blogger JohnM said... to your earlier Arthur Miller comment...You're not lurking somewhere on Fark are you? I got the sneaking feeling you were floating around in there somewhere (frequent visitor to the Fark forum)

11:25 AM  
Blogger Joseph said...

Isn't Fark required reading for fans of wacko news stories?

11:31 PM  

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