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Yet another weird SF fan

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Is It Racist to Say That Bush's IQ Might Be Higher Than Kerry's?

John Tierney (one of the The New York Times token conservatives) recently reported on Steve Sailer's analysis of the candidate's IQs. Apparently, there's evidence that Bush's IQ is slightly higher.

The really fascinating reaction comes from leftists. According to Captain Normal:

Dubya is Smarter than Kerry---and he don't cotton to no race mixin', neither


Normally we'd just dismiss this as typical neo-con "Everyday is Opposite Day" bullshit and move on.


Steve Sailer writes for a rabid xenophobe website, and Prof. Gottfredson is bankrolled by an organization dedicated to "race betterment" for those "deemed to be descended predominantly from white persons who settled in the original thirteen states prior to the adoption of the Constitution."

That is the true face of the far-core right, the Taliban wing of the modern GOP---white power assholes and their willing thralls in government, media, and the blogosphere.

Had Captain Normal actually looked at Steve Sailer's site, he would have seen numerous criticisms of Dubya and his neo-conservative allies:

Am I writing this because I am biased against one candidate?

No. As a conservative Republican concerned by the President's Invade-the-World / Invite-the-World policies on Iraq and immigration, I've certainly criticized Bush more than I've attacked Kerry.

It must have been a strain for Steve Sailer to admit that someone who supports increased immigration could have a high IQ. In any case, racists have had a long-standing antipathy to the Bush family.


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