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Yet another weird SF fan

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Do Jews Run the Hollywood Left?

There's a discussion at Gene Expression on the presence of Jews in decision-making positions in Hollywood. I probably would have ignored it (it was mainly about the possible effects if Asians went for Hollywood careers), but there was a reference to the Hollywood Left.

The Hollywood left isn't a propaganda effort from Jews; it is a propaganda effort to Jews. Look at how much Jews have to lose. We can start with redistribution of income (from disproportionately Jewish upper middle classes downward). We can continue with the belief that only agnosticism is repectable. Support for Israel has become politically incorrect. Liberal beliefs can lead to the prohibition of Jewish practices such as kosher slaughter or circumcision. The existence of Jewish liberals merely shows how successful the campaign has been.

Liberals have an attraction to centers of power. That's why they flocked to the Kennedys. (The Kennedys started out excessively far right and have moved left with their advisors.) That's why they would rather be Ivy League dropouts than PhDs from unknown universities. That's why they went to great lengths to provide the cliches for Hollywood. Hollywood was started by Jews but it didn't start out on the left. L.B. Mayer was not noted for radicalism. (At the other end of the scale, an extra named Ayn Rand was not exactly a socialist either.) The propaganda abilities of Hollywood were enough to attract liberals and they were able to con many of the Jews already there into going along.

We can see that the relation between leftist ideologies and Judaism is rather one-sided. Leftists get lots from Judaism (a means of erasing the latter half of National Socialism, the ability to portray any opposition as Christian obscurantists, a better cash cow than goyish socialists, a way to evade the Holocaust comparison to abortion, recruits whose religious traditions are ill-understood by the majority and thus can be portrayed as supporting the fad of the month, etc.) but Judaism gets worthless stuff in return (progressive tax rates, affirmative action, a subjectivism that leads to intermarriage, anti-colonialism that leads to anti-Zionism, etc.) In other words, leftist ideologies are parasites on Judaism and the acts of Jews under the influence of the left have no more to do with Jewish goals than a tendency to sneeze when having a cold has to do with human goals.

In other words, to the extent Hollywood is on the left, Jews don't run Hollywood; Hollywood runs Jews. We can see this from the other side as well. The conservative most able to get the Jewish vote was Ronald Reagan. I suspect the Republicans could carry the Jewish vote by nominating Ben Stein for president.


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