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Yet another weird SF fan

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Yes. The Covid Vaccines Save Lives

In case anyone was wondering what the actual data was on vaccines and death rates, I checked the British data.

Age groupDeaths per 1000 person years
for the unvaccinatedfor the vaccinated

As you can see, the death rate is slightly higher for vaccinated people under 20 and much lower for vaccinated people over 20.

Paranoid speculation: Many of the absurd policies backed by the Left are in order to provoke opposition … which is then used to tag conservatives as slime. In particular, opposition to covid vaccines has not been unanimous on the Right, so during the current election campaign they're recommending vaccinating children even though the same data that shows the vaccines save lives for people over 20 shows they don't for people under 20. That way, they get to tag reasonable people as anti-vaccine. Some people may even fall for it.

It's bad on purpose to make you sick.


Blogger Ellie Kesselman said...

Hello, Joseph. Persuasive chart! You made a good point about the senseless politicizing of COVID-19 vaccines.

Eventually, we will have data stratified by male and female per age range. I'm curious about the death rate due to COVID-19 (vaccinated vs unvaccinated) for men in the 15-19 year old age range. I'm also curious if myocarditis is more common (to a statistically significant degree) among vaccinated than unvaccinated men aged 15-19 years old. If so, it may make sense not to administer the vaccine to men until age 20. Similarly, I wonder about the benefits of vaccinating pregnant women.

It is profoundly sad that such questions cannot be asked (let alone be investigated by the public health and medical establishment!) else be labelled a conservative/GOP anti-vaxxer pariah. Some vaccines aren't administered to certain age groups, e.g. for pneumonia. There shouldn't be a stigma about making such a determination, if valid, for COVID-19 vaccines.

Your name is familiar to me but I can't recall why. I found my way here tonight from a 2010 comment you left on a New Atlantis article.

10:46 PM  
Blogger Joseph said...

I might be familiar from Usenet.

12:05 AM  

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