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Yet another weird SF fan

Monday, October 27, 2014

What the Other Side Was Saying about Ebola Not That Long Ago

From CompuServe forums in the 1990s:

>>Uncontrolled population growth increases rates of sickness. If 400 Billion people ever were to live on this tiny planet, they wouldn't live for very long before Ebola or something else would kill everyone. <<

>>There are some ideas floating around out there that AIDS, Ebola, and related horrors may be produced by the rain forest ecology in response to stresses. Sort of a self-defense mechanism against the likes of us encroaching on them.<<

>>WM: Not "spewing venomous endictments," just making accurate observations. If these guys accurately represent the Libertarian "political philosophy" on environmental issues, then mother nature may be just in time in kicking her immune system into high gear by unveiling the Ebola and other super-viruses to protect herself from the HUMAN infestation.<<

From 1996 Usenet:
> Ever heard of Ebola?? There are plenty more where that came from, all we have
> to do is build more roads through rainforests to let feral animals get the
> nasties there and then take them out and infect the rest of us.
> This is not a fairy tale folks! It has been documented and proved
From 2003 Usenet:
> Increase the killing or we risk becoming extremely overpopulated. I'd
> spray un- infected areas with ebola and aids. The world cannot
> support this population. It's madness! We need to save lives in
> Africa. We need to help the homeless. The answer to homelessness is
> to give the death penalty to anyone caught eating out of a dumpster.
> Lethal injection is humane. It's not an issue.
In other words, a decade or two ago, Malthusians and environmentalists used Ebola as an excuse to impose the policies they wanted anyway. For some reason, nowadays this is done by nativists.


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