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Yet another weird SF fan

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

How Is the Anti-Hobby Lobby Side Stupid?

Let me count the ways:

  1. The court's decision won't prevent anybody from getting birth control. The employees can buy it on their own.
  2. It won't even stop birth-control coverage. It will only produce a cosmetic change in who signs the forms.
  3. The bosses are not holding guns to the employees heads. Nothing is stopping them from quitting.
  4. The religious freedom doctrine in question has been around for two decades. The weird counterexamples have already been thought of.
  5. It was regarded as part of constitutional law even before the RFRA. The RFRA was only needed because court had an off day.
  6. Those weird counterexamples that make a little bit of sense are matters of religious people violating laws forbidding behavior. The contraception mandate commanded behavior instead.
  7. Some of the criticism is based on the theory that religion is only done in churches, etc. Does that mean church-backed civil rights protests were fraudulent?
  8. Other parts of the criticism are based on the theory that religious people are not permitted to be religious unless they're perfect. On the contrary, large parts of traditional religion include the recognition that even some of the best people can be sinners.
  9. The claim that corporations aren't human is particularly idiotic here. This was a closely held corporation backed by humans with faces. You can think of it as a corporation in name only.
  10. Insurance coverage for routine items makes no sense in general. It's a matter of the insurance company taking your money out for a wild night on the town before giving it back.
  11. And finally, pregnancy is not a disease.
This is a dense pack of stupid arguments. It's hard to pick out one fallacy.


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