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Yet another weird SF fan

Monday, July 29, 2013

The McDouble Is Not the Greatest Food Today

I disagree with Kyle Smith. A McDouble is not the greatest food today. It might be adequate in terms of cost per calorie (although a peanut butter sandwich beats it) but there is no shortage of calories today. In terms of cost per micronutrient, I'm sure a a strawberry flown across country is much better.

There's another advantage of a strawberry flown across country: It's better at annoying the locavores. The organic food people have recently noticed we're on to them. Their reaction is to roll out a new set of passwords and it looks like the new passwords are based on locavorism.


Anonymous TJIC said...

Yesterday I grabbed a McDouble while running errands. Probably the first time I've had fast food in 6 months (I only ever eat it when I'm doing road trips and it's logicistcally convenient).

I found it very weird that when I got home I read a news article calling out the McDouble.

An even weirder example of synchronicity is over the weekend I was telling the GF about two weird science fiction novels from the 1970s, and one of them was "The Texts of Festival"

The next morning I learned that the author, Nick Farren, had died at around the time I was telling the story.


7:49 AM  
Anonymous eddie said...

Costco one-a-day vitamins beat strawberries in cost-per-micronutrient hands-down. They also get flown across the country. Or probably trucked, I suppose.

@tjic: Please don't tell anyone any stories about me.

2:44 PM  

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