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Yet another weird SF fan

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Preventing Abuses

My fellow wingnuts should recognize that some of the potential unpleasant consequences of leftists in power have been aided by policies that many of us have applauded. To take one example, drone strikes could easily be used on anybody who leaves the U.S. to avoid taxes or regulations.

To take another example, it might become necessary to carry out an emergency evacuation of Israel. (I'm sure in that case the Israelis will leave behind a note that reads “We have left it as we have found it. Take over. It's yours.”) I suspect that one reason American Jews have tended to vote Democratic is that many Jews who might otherwise vote Republican have moved to Israel, depriving the socialists there of their lock on power. In case of an emergency evacuation of Israel, we can therefore expect the Obama administration to start enforcing immigration laws. (This might be similar to the Clinton administration's enforcement of immigration laws against Cubans.) If you ever wondered why we Red-Sea pedestrians tend to be open borders…

Most important of all, civil forfeiture will make other abuses much harder to stop. In Western Civilization, the executive has traditionally been controlled by means of the purse strings. For example, the British monarchy was at its absolute most following the Dissolution of the Monasteries, when King Henry VIII hijacked church property. If civil forfeiture enables many government departments to operate without tax funds, they can be zeroed out by Congress but continue anyway. Civil forfeiture is most commonly used to fight the War on Some Drugs. (Please note that this includes bans on hard drugs. Legalizing allegedly “soft” will do little to stop this trend.) There are other reasons to legalize narcotics (legalization will keep stoners from voting and may stop the anti-American takeovers of Afghanistan or South America), but civil forfeiture is the important one.


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