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Yet another weird SF fan

Saturday, January 07, 2012

A Question about the “Santorum” Insult

I have a question about the attempt to turn the surname of Rick Santorum into a vulgar term. What's the point of it?

This won't turn us reactionaries against him. (Many of us reactionaries haven't heard of the vulgar term and most of the rest of us simply ignore it.) This won't turn the “mushy middle” against him either. (Most of them haven't heard of this yet and are likely to be put off by anybody who tries reminding them.) It might get out the vote a little on the left but most of the leftists who've heard of this are already “knee-jerk” Democrats.

There's also a possibility that this might cause a relapse of “homophobia” among people who would otherwise ignore homosexuality entirely. Another possible side effect is that middle-of-the-road people will attribute the results of Google searchers to evil “hackers” and vote for Congressbeings who support SOPA.

There's only one result of this that might benefit the left. It might discourage former leftists who have been having second thoughts from coming out. If anybody in the middle is reading this, you might try reflecting on what that attempt to censor political discourse implies about the left. Are they afraid of contrary opinions?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's also yet another way to increase the personal cost of going up against the Democrat crime family. If you dare to defy them, you'd better be ready to have your family harassed, your name mocked, and every aspect of your life turned into a battleground.

Democratic politicians can commit any crime free of consequences. They can murder, rape, and steal and their media satraps will protect them. Republicans must face endless grinding harassment and vicious personal attacks.

The goal is simple: to keep opponents in fear and on the defensive.

The solution is simple, too: when media people fear American conservatives as much as they fear Muslims, they'll give us the same sort of kid-glove treatment.

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Lanius said...

You don't get it, I guess.

It's not about attacking all repubs, or whatever. I doubt Savage is particularily in favor of democrats either.

It's a personal attack on Rick Santorum, who judging by his comments regarding is a clueless nutjob.

What better personal way of getting back at him than name a not-very-appetizing byproduct of anal sex after him?

Democratic politicians can commit any crime free of consequences. They can murder, rape, and steal and their media satraps will protect them.

Are you quite sure you've taken your medication? Murder, rape or theft are felonies, and I doubt media campaign may sway police investigators or state attorneys.

The thing is, both parties are nothing but a sideshow. The real issues they leave alone.

It's all about the money.

1:53 PM  

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