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Yet another weird SF fan

Friday, June 04, 2010

From the “You Can't Win” Files

One the biggest complaints about Jews who support Israel (from both the far-left and far-right) is that most American Jews also support civil rights laws and that it's hypocritical to outlaw discrimination on one hand and to defend discrimination against Palestinian Arabs on the other hand. So when we have a Jewish law professor who's critical of civil rights laws and supports Israel, we see the following comment:

I personally find the contrast between Bernstein discussing the Civil Rights Act and Bernstein discussing anything related to Israel almost comical.

When it comes to the Civil Rights Act, Bernstein is in full-out professor mode.

The mere fact that something is disagreeable doesn’t mean that it should be illegal.

The mere fact that someone supports the rights of bigoted discriminatory restaurant owners doesn’t mean that they’re a racist.

The mere fact that libertarianism is an abstract political philosophy that has had only minimal impact on real-world governments doesn’t mean that it doesn’t provide perfectly good reasons to oppose the Civil Rights Act.

So … It's hypocritical to support both Israel and civil rights laws and it's also hypocritical to support Israel and oppose civil rights laws …

You got that straight?

While I'm at it…

I posted the following on Usenet a few years ago:

According to anti-Zionists:

The Zionists are acting just like the Nazis …
… who didn't kill six million Jews …
… and the Jews deserved it anyway …
… and we're only anti-Zionist, not anti-Jew.

The Jews have been up to no good for centuries …
… since they massacred the Palestinians under Joshua …
… and are mostly Khazar anyway …
… and are also inbred.

The murdering Jews completely wiped out the Amalekites and Canaanites …
… who became the ancestors of the Palestinians …
… who are oppressed by Jews with no claim on the land …
… because it's preposterous to trace ancestry back that far.

The Palestinians deserve the land since they lived there for centuries …
… and the Jewish interlopers should be kicked out …
… since their residence in the distance past is irrelevant to today.

The Palestinians must be granted a homeland …
… since otherwise they will blow up buildings in Western Civilization …
… and their fellow Arabs will withhold oil in solidarity …
… and they need the homeland since nobody will take them in.


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