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Yet another weird SF fan

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Did the Organic Fertilizer Hit the Air Circulation Device?

According to a recent article in the Atlantic (seen via TJIC):

The two most controversial measures were saved until the very end. The Volcker Rule and derivatives didn't get brought up until after 11pm Thursday night. By this time, some in attendance had already begun to leave. With many open seats, proxy votes were necessary for key changes. Of course, those who remained were likely beginning to check out mentally at this late hour. The yawning had begun. In the hours that followed, gallons of diet coke were consumed and snacks were everywhere. At one point, Chairman Dodd (D-CT) was even waving around a half eaten candy bar as he spoke.

It got to the point where debate stopped mattering. Sometimes several politicians might be displeased with how a proposal was written, but so what? They began to realize that the more they complained, the longer they would be there. And God, it was late.

Extending a meeting until everybody else has gone home is (or at least was) a standard Communist tactic according to Olivia de Havilland, Calvin Trillin, and my father.

Repealing this bill might have to take priority over even repealing the health-car bill.


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