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Yet another weird SF fan

Thursday, April 08, 2010

One Reaction to Government Takeovers

One of the worst parts of government takeovers of parts of the economy is the fear that such takeovers are permanent. To add the proverbial insult to injury, some leftists use that as part of the “let's scare conservatives” tactic. Maybe we can combat that by advocating the reversal of some of the dumber takeovers of the past. For example:

  • Bring back Rent-a-Cop. The TSA has mainly served to annoy travelers while the “root cause” of the 911 attacks (passengers trained to be passive) has been eliminated. (I won't more than mention the uselessness of air marshals.)
  • Repeal Sarbanes–Oxley. For some reason, the reaction to the nonsense on Wall Street has been to increase regulations without checking if similar regulations in the past actually worked. If the regulations didn't work, maybe we should repeal them.
  • Legalize toilets that work. In order to conserve the commonest compound in the universe, we passed laws mandating toilets that have to be flushed several times. In the unlikely event that water use must be restricted, it makes more sense to raise the price.
  • Apply the student-loan subsidies to primary and secondary schools. Why should college students get all the breaks? This might help lessen the government near-monopoly on primary and secondary education.
  • Abolish mandatory recycling, especially of paper products. We should have carbon burial instead.
  • Start phasing out concealed-carry laws. Oh wait, we're doing that. Okay, let's continue dumping those laws but do a little gloating while we're at it.
I can probably think of others.


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