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Yet another weird SF fan

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Life Imitates Soc.History.What-If

A few years ago, there was a discussion on the Usenet group soc.history.what-if on Alternate Kooks: The Nuclear Weapon Deniers, an obvious parody of Holocaust deniers:

>> Read the first, original and unadulterated testimonies of
>>witnesses of the Hiroshima " nuclear bombing" . You will not
>>find any mention of " mushroom-shaped cloud". And this is
>>the first ( but most glaring) of the many deviations from
>>the standard nuclar dogma.  
>>In fact, read the testimony about Hamburg, Dresden and Tokyo bombings -
>>and you will find that they are too distressingly similar  - perhaps
>>because they describe the same class of events - an unprovoked mass
>>murder of workers by fire and explosives, not nonexistant and impossible "nuclar weapons"  
> [more bullshit snipped]
> If the nuclear weapons are impossible, why not only Masonic America, but
>Soviet Union, France, Britain, China and all other powers build them?

So you have swallowed also the Cold War lie. No surprise.

If the " nykes" are so powerful and undefeatabel, why they
WERE NOT USED in 50 years? Not even only once?

In Korea, Vietnam, Gulf and any other war, one of the
marvelous devices could save thousands of American soldiers.
But the government refused to use them. This is TREASON.

Do you believe that ALL presidents since Truman were

But not only America- according to your dogma, Britin,
Frace, Russia, Chian , Isreal,  India, Pakistan and North
Korea have a large supplise of these things - and let them
lie idle? 
Yes. That's a good imitation of a Usenet debate, misspellings and all.

The fictional kooks of that discussion turned out to be real:

Okay, so we’ve seen a lot of really stupid and downright crazy conspiracy theories in the past. Many have claimed the moon landings were a big hoax and others claim that the entire Cold War was staged by a secret underground group that actually ran both the US and Soviet Union. Given the huge amount of evidence to prove those events independently, it seems a bit far fetched.

But it looks like they’ve been beaten. There are at least a couple wackos out there who claim that nuclear weapons are a hoax. Yes, they say nuclear weapons just plain don’t exist and beyond that, nuclear fission is not real. Yes, that’s right. There no nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima or Nagasaki, the Manhattan project never created a viable weapon and all the thousands of tests conducted by the US, Soviet Union, China, France, the UK and others were just elaborate fakes - at least that’s what some actually believe.

My father told me that there is no opinion so preposterous that someone hasn't published a book claiming it. I don't know if that was true then but, thanks to the Web, it is true now.


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