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Yet another weird SF fan

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Abortionist to New York: Drop Dead!

In case you've been wondering how abortionists justify themselves, it's by the mind-bogglingly silly argument (seen via The Brothers Judd) that human cities are a cancer on the planet:

In 1990, we proposed that the similarity in the morphology of urban settlements and malignant lesions could be studied with the use of fractal geometry (Hern, 1990). We placed images of malignant lesions and urban settlements side-by-side to show this similarity (Fig. 4).
I've seen similar patterns on my computer from simulations of diffusion-limited aggregation. Clearly, snowflakes are also a cancer on the planet (and don't get me started on the coastlines of Maine and Norway).

There are other phenomena that could be mistaken for cancers. Many plants have a fractal structure and are deadly to nearby anaerobic bacteria. Spider plants send out metastases. Slides taken from growing antlers, when viewed by a microscope, look like they came from bone cancers.

Most important of all, placentas have a fractal structure. The evidence that purports to prove that humans are a cancer on the planet can also show (to people inclined to take this bullbleep seriously) that Mother Earth is pregnant.


Anonymous Vader said...

Orwell famously said that there are some ideas so stupid only an intellectual could believe them.

You have done us all a service by highlighting such an idea.

5:13 PM  

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