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Yet another weird SF fan

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

From the “Reality-Based” Community

A member of the reality-based community demonstrates confidence in the scientific method while reacting to a pro-nuclear heretic:

BTW, the money to follow is the same money scientists have followed for generations of working lives. That's why we have all those nifty WMDs and other amaingly efficient weapons, with more in constant development.

Science has always served the ruling class. And one of its main occupations is the development of power. Power to kill or power to exploit before killing. It all works out to the same thing in the end.

Y'all want We the People to blindly trust you and your superiority complexes. Now, THAT is a total waste of effort! Hahaha...

Another member of the reality-based community demonstrates a scrupulousness about learning the facts:

I know nothing about energy policy. Nothing. Zero. I took up your friend's arguments because they seemed so bizarre and specious. But in my gut, if forced to choose between nuclear energy and renewable forms of energy such as windfarms, or even the new experiments with ocean currents, I'd turn thumbs down on nuclear energy every day. And if forced to choose between nuclear energy and no energy, I'd be inclined to think it's time to consider what kind of world we want to leave our grandchildren.

It might seem unfair to hold the other side's kooks against them but if some voters hold our kooks against us


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