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Yet another weird SF fan

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why Do Leftists Ignore Islam?

I suspect that's due to the common belief on the Left that history runs in only one direction. They figure Islam was already defeated (it was down for most of the past few centuries) and now it's Christianity's turn.

When leftists see evidence of Islamofascists in action they think of them as part of national or racial liberation movements. That might be why they attribute opposition to the Islamofascists to race prejudice.


Blogger Akaky said...

I also suspect that there is a bit of mirror imaging involved here. The Left doesnt take any religion seriously, so they cant imagine that anyone else does, either, and those people whose religion dominates every aspect of their personal and public lives, such as the Hasidim or the Amish, are easily compartmentalized as some kind of living fossil and hence irrelevant. This, I think, is why they find Evangelicals and traditional Catholics so irritating; both groups refuse to be marginalized, and why they dont understand the radical Islamists at all. Sun tzu said 2000 years ago that if you know yourself and know your enemy you would always be victorious. The American Left, whose strength is largely in the country's coastal areas, knows neither its own people nor can it make the emphatic leap necessary to understand our enemies.

3:35 PM  

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