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Yet another weird SF fan

Sunday, January 28, 2007

What If It Is Evolution in Action?

Instapundit pointed to this account of Muslims refusing “un-Islamic” vaccinations and said:

Just think of it as evolution in action:
What if it is evolution in action? For the past fourteen centuries, the pilgrimage to Mecca has acted to spread diseases as fast as possible. Presumably, that would help breed disease resistance. In addition, Islamic law would help keep a society functioning during a plague. (Before sanitation, vaccines, and antibiotics, those were probably the best responses to a plague.) Maybe some Muslims are trying to continue the breeding program.

Digression: One reaction has been “I know you are but what am I?”:

But beyond that, one does not need to go searching for isolated British Muslim doctors in order to find examples of the lives of children being endangered due to the religious beliefs of adults. Merck, among other pharmaceutical companies, developed a highly effective vaccine against the human papilloma virus (HPV) -- by far the leading cause of cervical cancer in women -- but an entire American political movement called "social conservatism" has been desperately trying to prevent its widespread approval -- or at least persuade parents not to have their daughters vaccinated -- because HPV is a sexually transmitted disease and they therefore believe that a vaccine will be seen as an endorsement of premartal sex:
First, I'm puzzled by their apparent approval of evil pharmaceutical companies. (On the other hand, it might set a useful precedent.) Second, if this works, will we have a cure by the time a child vaccinated today would otherwise die of cervical cancer?

And furthermore … brown-eyed girl has a question:

Now why is it that the same folks who are happy to take a social darwinist stance are the same mindless idiots jabbering on about intelligent design [sic]?
I have a related question: Why is part of the self-congratulatory left so unwilling to look at the record of the person being discussed?

Maybe they're speed reading again …


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