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Yet another weird SF fan

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Which Conspiracy Is It?

Are The Evil Capitalists conspiring to keep oil expensive (seen via Asymmetrical Information):

"In the four years since the secret Cheney task force met, we have seen gas prices double and oil company profits skyrocket. What went on at these secret White House meetings that may be motivating oil company executives to deny their participation?" Lautenberg said. "Now it appears that some Big Oil CEOs might have lied to Congress to cover up their involvement with the White House task force. What are they trying to hide from the American people?"
or are they conspiring to keep oil cheap (according to a commenter/troll at Armed and Dangerous):

Don’t worry, capitalism will save us from depleted energy supplies! Ignoring the fact that the capitalist system currently prevents any serious public discussion about the problem.

Our current economies depend utterly on reliable supplies of cheap energy, currently oil. To be able to depend less on oil at a rate faster than it increases in price assumes we have another source of reliable cheap energy waiting in the wings. Another source of reliable cheap energy that would work with the current distribution infrastructure.

The belief that Fischer-Tropsch plants could replace oil and would somehow be sustainable is frankly delusional. And before any efforts to use other energy sources will begin, hundreds of thousands of people will die in wars in misguided attempts to protect the current ones. More will die at home in the lengthy compulsory transition.

And no mention of natural gas, the price of which has quadrupled in America since 2002 and is still going up. All this and we continue our relentless suburban sprawl.

Which is it?


Blogger chsw10605 said...

Three guys are in a jail cell. They start to talking and find out that they're all gas station owners.

The first one says, "I set my prices at a couple of cents higher than my competitors. I'm in here for price-gouging."

The second one says "I set my prices at a couple of cents lower than my competitors. I'm in here for predatory practices."

The third one says "I set my prices at the same price as my competitors. I'm in here for collusion!"

from Radley Balko at

7:49 PM  
Blogger Milhouse said...

Old Chinese joke: Three guys in a cell. One says, "I'm here for supporting Deng Xiaoping". The second says, "I'm here for criticising Deng Xiaoping". And the third one says, "I am Deng Xiaoping".

1:41 PM  

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