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Yet another weird SF fan

Friday, December 31, 2004


Geoff Beck has uncovered a truly fiendish Jewish conspiracy. It's called American Protestantism:

Furthermore American Protestants are sloughing-off any attachment to culture & soil and focusing in on: language, apologetics, and scriptural codes and such. This is pure Judaism, in my opinion.
Some of the commenters are even nuttier. According to “wintermute”:

As for the main post, yes, the massive devolution of American Protestantism into rabidly philosemitic variants, like Christian Zionism, or outright Judaic forms, such as the Seventh Day Adventists, Sacred Name, Hebrew Roots, Messianic Yahvists, Dominion Theonomists, and so forth, must be accounted as one of the greatest religious failures in history.

Given such a broad front of Judaizers, the slippage of many Protestants back into Judaism is not surprising at all.

It’s not like Catholicism is much better, of course. On many occasions, the Church has confirmed that the original covenant - foreskins for land, in case any have forgotten - is still in full force. This, in the teeth of abundant scriptural evidence to the contrary. Really, given the steadfastness with which Catholics and Protestants have held the line against Judaizers, Jesus might as well not have bothered coming at all.

God has granted us control over American Christians.

Addendum: Wintermute's theory is also known as the Marcionite heresy.


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