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Yet another weird SF fan

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Look at What I Missed!

I'm on the Fabiani Society's mailing list and received an invitation to a round-table discussion last Wednesday but I didn't feel up to going. (I'm starting to suffer from election burnout.) According to Ace of Spades:

In attendance were Kathryn Lopez of NRO, Robert A. George of the New York Post (I believe), and John Fund of the Wall Street Journal.


But the real news was Fund's report of a conversation he had with a Democratic consultant, whose name, he said, we'd all know. He didn't say the guy's name, but he said he had spoken to him in the green room during the taping of a recent show.

Fund asked what he thought of the election, and this man said, "Off the record, I think Kerry just might lose." But he then continued (paraphrased): "That doesn't mean it's over, though. Democrats will protest and fight so strongly that Bush won't have a win even if he wins. We will obstruct so much that this country will be ungovernable by Christmas."

I'd like to know how they can manage that. Most of the privately-owned guns are in “right-wing” hands and, come to think of it, most of the publicly-owned guns are as well. They can try calling a general strike but the working class is no longer overwhelmingly-Democratic and unions are increasingly toothless. (In other words, there will be plenty of strikebreakers.) They can try calling a strike of upscale professionals but some professions are more liberal than others.

I suspect we can survive a strike by artists, actors, humanities professors, and lawyers.

Besides, they already promised to disrupt the Republican Convention and failed.

Addendum: I just remembered that Democrats were predicting a “long hot summer” full of urban riots if Reagan was elected. Somehow, the riots never materialized.


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