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Yet another weird SF fan

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Substituting “Jew” for “Muslim”

In a comment on Winds of Change, Gary Farber devised a test for the legitimacy of a comment:

I've long, as a Jew, found a highly useful test for distinguishing legitimate commentary from hate; I take the noun of the statement in question, switch it to "Jew," or the adjective to "Jewish," and see how I think it stands up.

There is a strong resemblance between conspiracy theories about Muslims and conspiracy theories about Jews. That may be a deliberate strategy on the part of the Muslims. Since Muslims have had their butts kicked by Jews lately, they have beeen rethinking their strategies. The only problem with that is that they get their ideas about Jewish strategy from psychotics. It's not surprising that they have been trying to use the strategies that conspiracy theorists claim that Jews use.

On the other hand, those methods don't work. They made up imaginary atrocities—except they had to convince historians outside their religion and they couldn't do that without evidence. They tried to use hate-speech laws to silence opposition—except such laws are unconstitutional in the world's only superpower. They tried to use the money power—only to find that they couldn't hold on to it without actually earning it. The next step will be to try to take over the media—and they will find that the mass media become mass because they follow public opinion instead of leading it. When the networks try leading public opinion they lose viewers to Fox. (This is one of the best ways to refute the standard antisemitic conspiracy theories: The attempts to conspire fail.)

I recently came up with a similar conspiracy theory. Going by analogy, we can expect the conspiracy to fail.


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