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Yet another weird SF fan

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Environmentalist Wackos in Traditional Religion

Preposterous leftist ideas in the guise of religion are not limited to watered-down religions or the fascist brand of Islam. For example, an Orthodox rabbi has absorbed a large part of environmentalist wacko propaganda:

The animal world instinctively respects natural demarcations. If, for example, wild animals leave the forest and begin to forage where humans have settled it is an indication that something is wrong with the ecosystem that should otherwise provide ample food for all the animals in the forest. When the ecosystem is healthy, wild animals tend to stay in the forest and avoid human habitation. In almost every situation of conflict and invasion, whether against animal or human, it is the human who confronts and invades, not the animal. The notion of animal conquest and domination does not exist in the natural world. It only exists in the fantasies of literature and movies.

First, not all wild animals are forest animals. The natural habitat of many species of animal is forest clearings. Those would be attracted to suburbs. Second, wild animals are likely to stay away from downtown areas, but that's not because downtowns are natural human habitats, but because the ecosystem is even more disturbed there. Third, studies of natural ecosystems have shown that ecosystems are naturally unstable with large population fluctuations. Fourth, if the “notion of animal conquest and domination does not exist in the natural world,” then the prey of carnivores are voluntarily handing themselves over to be eaten, a phenomenon which is not credible. (On the other hand, there are occasions when human beings have handed themselves over to be eaten.)

Most important of all, the “reasoning” involved is nearly identical to the claims that Palestinians become terrorists only because we invaded “their” territory.

I was looking into Orthodox Judaism as an alternative to Conservative or Reform Judaism (which sometimes seems like the Democratic Party at prayer), but I'm not sure if I'll bother …


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