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Yet another weird SF fan

Monday, July 28, 2003

More on Berkeley Psychologists

Brian Carnell (seen via Instapundit) remembered that Frank Sulloway, one of the authors of the infamous Berkeley study, also came up with a theory that explained political movements by sibling rivalry. Sulloway's theory should predict that David Limbaugh would react to Rush Limbaugh being called a fascist by agreeing with the accusation.

He doesn't (seen via Fark).

I also noticed IQ was mentioned only once in the article:

Christie (1954) reported significant negative correlations ranging from -.20 to -.48 between IQ and scores on the F-Scale, but researchers since then have focused on differences in cognitive style rather than ability.
Translation: The results have not been replicated. They were either fabricated in the first place or disappeared as either IQ tests grew less culturally biased or as the left succeeded in spreading beyond intellectuals.

The authors tried claiming that conservatives are less integratively complex but barely mentioned the more easily checked characteristic of IQ. Is opposition to IQ tests a matter of anti-racism or is it because IQ tests interfere with the ability of leftists to call conservatives simple-minded?


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